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Creating greater business value

devmiles is a small, independent full-service software development company located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our goal is to design and develop software solutions to provide greater business value for your organization. We focus on your business needs and choose modern and powerful technologies that fit your specific needs. We use an agile approach to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in business environments.

Custom software development

Whether you are not satisfied with your current solution or just want custom software to suit your specific needs, we're here to help. We believe that every company can benefit from software designed to model its unique business model. Sometimes it takes a minor tweak to an existing open source solution and sometimes it's a highly robust and scalable custom system. devmiles will help you choose what's best and will implement it timely and on budget.

Web development & design

As expert web designers and web development specialists we create internet systems that look incredible and work flawlessly. Whether you need an almost static web site, a blog, an e-commerce system, a dynamic and feature-rich internet system or a cutting-edge in-browser application we can create it and we can beat the competition on price and quality of service. That's because we are a small, independent UA business so we can offer exceptionally low web development costs and flexible, personal service that larger companies just can't match.


Enterprise software requirements almost universally include performance, scalability and robustness. And maybe even more often enterprise software needs to integrate with other standard or custom enterprise software. All devmiles developers have at least 5 years of dedicated enterprise experience building and integrating complex systems for financial, real estate and insurance companies as well as governmental institutions.

Software development consulting

We provide software development consulting services to help you deliver high quality projects within budget and on time. devmiles shares expert knowledge of the software world to help choose right tools for the job - technologies, open source solutions, best practices - all to increase your project predictability, team productivity and product quality.


We've offered Android development services since early 2011. Android is considered to be one of the most flexible mobile and tablet platforms, and is gaining leading positions as a native OS for various devices. devmiles has skills to offer custom applications development using both Java and HTML5 + CSS3 approaches.

Business intelligence solutions

We supply consultancy services and software integration enabling our customers to take adavantage of all their business information and capabilities. We convert them into knowledge, ultimately, getting the right information to the right people, at the right time, via the right channel. devmiles creates and supports BI solutions that provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations.

Featured works

It's a common belief in the software world that some technologies or platforms are better than others. We are sure you've heard statements that Java is better than .NET or Ruby is better than Python. Misled by those convictions people choose technologies before they even entirely understand the problems they need to solve. At devmiles we put business requirements first and then select technologies that fit best. We make sure that software produced at devmiles is on par with the highest industry standards. Our approach resulted in a number of successful products we are proud of!

DBGallery Desktop enterprise features

We have joined DBGallery development and added a number of enterprise features - multi-user support, permissions and a web application to manage this all. A fully featured web version of DBGallery is on the way too!
Technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Mono, Javascript, NHibernate

Real Estate marketing platform

We developed a full internet marketing platform for real estate brokerages. Creating web sites for real estate on top of our platform is fast and easy. Even with the default installation it provides full MLS integration, advanced property search, map and list views, integration with Google Analytics as well as pages for buyers and sellers, a blog and news.
Technologies: PHP, Drupal, Javascript

Enterprise messaging solution

The product is a transactional internet fax, sms, voice and email messaging system processing millions of requests every day. It's an entirely custom solution hosted by our major client providing online messaging services to enterprise subscribers. It combines robust, distributed and load balanced processing back-end with feature-rich online administrative and user tools.
Technologies: Open ESB, J2EE, ASP.NET, Asterisk

DBGallery marketing website

A shared photo database, DBGallery is an amazing tool to keep your digital photo assets organized. It appeals for individual photographers with large collections as well as organizations with different staff members accessing and managing data. We rapidly came up with a marketing web site solution for DBGallery including Google Analytics support and Salesforce lead integration.
Technologies: PHP, Drupal, Javascript

Oceans Technology community website

A CMS-based web site built for the Oceans Technology Community with headquarters in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. This site is a good example of a low cost web solution for public organizations provided by devmiles. If you are interested in a similar web system please request a quote.
Technologies: PHP, Drupal, Javascript

KIID dissemination system

We developed and continue to support the KIID (Key Investor Information Document) dissemination system used by global asset management companies. The system aggregates financial data from various providers, produces KIIDs and other reports, and distributes them to individuals and institutions all over the world. This KIID dissemination system allows companies to easily add new data sources, new reports and new distribution lists, as well as to track recipients and document statistics.
Technologies: ASP.NET, Pentaho BI, J2EE